Have that magic touch with babies?

It’s certainly a gift! Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny’s comprehensive Newborn Care Specialist Training Program provides the highest level and quality in baby care education.

Newborn Care Specialist Training Program

Option 1 – $495: Classroom and Online

Register for our intensive Newborn Care Specialist Class which includes in person classroom demonstration combined with online learning experience.

Group Discounts Apply

Option 2 – $295: Online Only*

Register for our online Newborn Care Specialist Class if you have previous experience with newborn care and meet our program criteria.

*Participation in both the online and classroom portions of the program is encouraged. Exceptions may be granted for candidates living out of state or for candidates with 5 or more years of experienced with newborn care. If you are interested in the online portion of the program only please contact us to qualify.

If you’re looking to nurture your gift into an enriching career in baby care, you’ll also want to know how to professionally address a range of sometimes quite complex newborn needs. Complementing your natural way with infants, a newborn specialist education will enable you to provide top-notch baby care services and give that essential peace of mind to families welcoming you into their homes. Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny’s comprehensive Newborn Care Specialist Training Program provides the highest level and quality in baby care education.

Our elite, nationally recognized Newborn Care Specialist Training Program:

  • Includes over 40 hours of online or in-classroom practical training
  • Teaches in accordance with American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations and policies
  • Designed by Baby Expert and Author Carole Arsenault, who has over a decade of hands-on experience as a Registered Nurse, baby nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
  • Prepares you for a satisfying and reputable career as a Newborn Care Specialist


I’m so glad I completed the BBN newborn care class. I’m a mom of four, have over 20 years of experience in childcare and wanted to enhance my childcare skills. I can’t believe how much this class taught me about babies. Now I have confidence and reassurance when I meet with new parents.

Tara W.
Baltimore, Maryland

Just wanted to say hi and thank you again for the course! I’m almost finished…yay! I’m learning so much and feel that what you’ve shared with me is invaluable.


What Will I Learn in the Newborn Care Specialist Training Program?

Newborn Care Specialist Training

  • Breastfeeding Support: You will learn all about breastfeeding from a board certified lactation consultant, including benefits for mom and baby, breast physiology and milk production, positioning and latching, frequency and duration of feeding, and common breastfeeding issues and solutions.
  • Infant Care: You will understand a baby’s first three months in detail (we call this the fourth trimester). Instruction will be provided on infant care, sleep, feeding, sleeping and soothing.
  • Sleep Training: We will teach you sleep training secrets, and how to work with parents in coming up with sleep routines that work with each unique family. You’ll learn about establishing healthy sleep habits and how to promote positive sleep routines for babies.
  • Practical Baby Nurse Tips: We’ll share helpful hints gleaned from decades in baby care settings including Boston’s top hospitals, pediatrician offices and homes of new parents.

Contact Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny today and become trained through our elite, nationally recognized Newborn Care Specialist Training Program.