Newborn Care & Nanny Placement Testimonials

“The peace of mind you receive from knowing your infant is well cared for while you receive a good night’s rest is priceless. Boston Baby Nurse is like having both your mother and good friend visit at the same time.” Read more testimonials below.
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Client  Stories

One of the things that makes Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny great is the special relationships we foster with our clientele. We aren’t just any childcare agency, we are compassionate, professional caregivers who care about you & your family like they were our own. Hear directly from our clients about their journey with Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny in their testimonials below.

The Loomis Family

“The team at BBNN gave us the reassurance and peace of mind that we needed. I couldn’t recommend their team enough.”

Liz & Baby Mack

“The team at BBNN gave us the reassurance and peace of mind that we needed. I couldn’t recommend their team enough.”

Heidi & Daren

“The staff at BBNN was professional, compassionate and knowledgeable. I wouldn’t trust anyone else.”

Thai-Anh Hoang

“Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny was on the top of my list. I reached out to Carole and Bryn to start the process and it was seamless.”


Additional Testimonials

We’re extremely grateful to work with our caregivers and clientele!
Read about the BBN&N relationship with these family testimonials.

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how valuable and wonderful Susan was. She was so knowledgeable and kind, and helped us so much to teach our little girl how to sleep again. I couldn’t have done it without her, and she is such a wonderful asset for your agency. What you guys do is such a lifeline for new moms and dads, and I really want to thank you for connecting us with someone so lovely. I very much hope we will be able to work with her again in the future.
Alecia, Boston, MA
We all thought Breanne was terrific. It’s amazing how great everyone you send is, and it’s exciting to learn all the little tips and tricks they all seem to have. Breanne recommended doing a double swaddle, which none of us had ever even heard of! Seems like it works well for our daughter. Yes, I am getting some sleep–certainly so much more than I would have been if we didn’t have your terrific team. This has been especially important since I have been battling my share of postpartum depression. I think the sleep has played a key role in helping me get through the fog the last couple of weeks, so I really appreciate all of the help Christine, Andrea, and Breanne provided. Thanks also to you for making this all so seamless!
Sophie, Boston, MA
Thanks so much, Bryn – the good news is that Rose is sleeping more through the night…but we’re definitely sad not to be working with you and Kaitlin anymore! You were wonderful to work with from the very beginning – professional, supportive, and prompt in all your communications. Looking forward to having an opportunity to work with Boston Baby Nurse another time in the future!
Caroline, Brookline, MA
Ashley took time to learn about our family’s needs and provided us with several qualified candidates. She was extremely responsive, happily addressing any questions or concerns we had about the candidates/process and acting quickly to help us set up interviews. We are new to the process of hiring a nanny and found Ashley’s support invaluable. From drafting the posting to sorting through contract details, Ashley’s guidance helped us immensely.
Jennifer, Medfield, MA
Thank you again. I wanted to email in particular about Charlene who helped me on the first week I worked with BBNN. She helped with some of the breastfeeding issues I was having and is personally responsible for me still breastfeeding (even more so than the IBCLC that I hired!). I would appreciate it you passed along the compliment.
Marie, Boston, MA
I wanted to extend my highest praise and sincere gratitude for Anthonina. She was absolutely wonderful and has helped us so much with our sleeping issues and even with nursing protocol (and I have two lactation consultants, have taken breastfeeding classes, and read countless literature). She is extremely professional and knowledgeable. Anthonina is also clearly passionate about all things mothers, babies, and breastfeeding. Lastly, she is also just a really nice woman and a pleasure to talk to. I wished I could take advantage of her expertise more often!
Ariane, Boston, MA
Shelley was BORN to be with children. She is SO full of love, caring, and joy for little ones that she made it easy for me to go to sleep (or eat dinner or pump or whatever!) because I knew my little ones would be well cared for. She was also able to do the two baby scoop to hold and comfort them both at once, or feed one while rocking the other–totally calm and relaxed in a way that made my children relax too.
Rebecca, Massachusetts
This was our third son, and I knew I would be mentally and physically exhausted – which is why we decided to bring Boston Baby Nurse on board. It was, hands down, the best money we’ve spent. To know that I could look forward to a good night’s sleep and trust that our baby was in great hands, was so valuable. We were anxious at first about having someone handle the night feedings, burping, changing, etc., especially because I am exclusively breastfeeding, but the process worked seamlessly. Thank you!
Lauren, Hingham, MA
I wanted to be sure to send a quick note to say how AMAZING it was to have Charlene with our family last night! Her calm confidence let us all rest assured and made for a fantastic night of a great rhythm for Baby Theo – and actual rest for us all, happy day! We’re all just floating with bright eyes and calm this morning – such a dream!
Anne, Gloucester, MA
I had such a positive experience with Boston Baby Nurse! They were able to match me with someone quickly when I really needed help. The match was perfect and Elizabeth immediately put my mind at ease about so many things I was worried about as a first time mom. To be fully transparent I was going through some pretty serious post partum anxiety and hiring Elizabeth was probably the best decision I could have made for myself and our baby. Elizabeth is amazing at what she does and has a special gift. Thanks again so much for your help, I’ve already recommended BBN to countless people, I will be sure to leave a review as well. Thanks again!
Maddy, Boston, MA
Our time with Boston Baby Nurse and Christie in particular has been exactly what we hoped for and more. I slept better every night she was here-not only because Christie took the lead with our newborn but because I trusted that she was the safe caring hands of a baby expert. Christie also took the time to get to know my 4 year old do and would often engage with him in the mornings. It felt like Christie was a family member. Our now 5 month old sleeps through the night in her crib (unlike our 4 yr old) and this in itself is priceless. I would highly recommend Boston Baby nurse to anyone considering these type of services. Carole, Christie and the Boston Baby Nurse team are absolutely wonderful to work with!
Liz, Jamestown, MA