Those first few weeks of motherhood can be exhausting and overwhelming. The stress of having a brand-new baby with a lack of sleep leaves new moms feeling frustrated. Many new moms have taken advantage of the benefits of hiring a night nanny or even a Newborn Care Expert! By working with these professionals, parents find it easier to get through those sleep-deprived early days. As you might imagine, having extra hands overnight comes with a lot of benefits.

What is a Night Nanny?

A night nanny is essentially an overnight babysitter that specializes in newborns. They work with parents to create a schedule that suits their needs, but typically arrive at the home around 8 pm and leave at 8 am the next morning. Their duties include feeding, changing, and comforting the baby throughout the night, providing new moms with much-needed, uninterrupted rest. Some night nannies offer additional services like washing baby clothes, sterilizing bottles, and tidying up the nursery.

What is a Newborn Care Expert?

A Newborn Care Expert (NCE) is a trained professional with years of experience caring for newborns. An NCE does all the things a night nanny does and more! Newborn Care Experts provide newborn education, sleep training, breastfeeding, and can be on alert for symptoms of postpartum depression. NCEs can work daytime or overnight shifts to assist families in the transition to parenthood.

The Benefits of Hiring Overnight Newborn Care

While hiring a night nanny or newborn care expert has obvious benefits like uninterrupted sleep, you might be surprised at just how helpful they can be in those early weeks!

A Smoother Start

A night nanny on hand after your child is born takes stress off new moms when getting settled back at home. Night nannies reassure a lot of concerns about what you need, how to be prepared, and more. Knowing you won’t be losing sleep each night will lift a huge weight off your shoulders.

A Comfortable Baby

When hiring a night nanny or NCE, baby will have round the clock care! Then at night, while you sleep, your night nanny will take over to ensure that care never ends.

Peace of Mind

Many new moms and parents can have trouble sleeping for fear of something happening to their newborn while they’re asleep. Having a night nanny at home can take a lot of those fears away! You’ll be able to rest assured that someone has eyes and ears on your baby at any time, day or night. Remember if you choose to hire a Newborn Care Expert, they are certified and trained in newborn health, so they’ll spot warning signs of sickness or health concerns much earlier, taking some of that weight off the new mom!

A Cleaner Home

While most night nannies won’t clean your whole house or help with much other than baby’s supplies, they will launder baby clothes, sterilize bottles, tidy up the nursery, and remake the crib bedding when needed. This means you wake up to a much tidier home and an already shorter to do list! You won’t ever have one of those mornings where there are no clean bottles or a single onesie left to change your newborn into after a diaper mishap!

Additional Education

They are a very valuable resource when it comes to newborns. NCEs can help with questions you have about setting bedtime routines, how much sleep your baby needs, and how to sleep train once they’re ready!

They can also offer education on feeding your baby – if you’re breastfeeding, they can help with latching issues, scheduling, and how to take care of your body during the process. Trained newborn care experts will also be able to spot any issues your little one may be having with eating enough and gaining weight the way they should.

Improved Mental Health

While the extra sleep alone gives new moms the space to emotionally and physically recover, having the support of a night nanny or newborn care expert can go a long way in preventing postpartum depression and anxiety. By having a trained professional there, new moms feel safer with their newborn, and warning signs of postpartum depression can be spotted and treated earlier.

Easier Transition Back to Work

For new moms planning to go back to work after their maternity leave, a night nanny all but promises a smoother transition into the workforce! You’ll be better prepared for pumping schedules, your bedtime routine with baby will be settled, and you’ll already be well-rested!

Having an experienced professional take care of baby at night can be an invaluable asset for exhausted new moms who just need some rest. Ensuring that your baby is receiving quality care from someone with professional training in caring for infants is incomparable. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the midnight wakeups after giving birth, consider hiring postpartum support to help make life with your little one a bit easier! Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny offers overnight and daytime newborn care experts as well as lactation and sleep consultants. Give us a call today to see how we can support you. 781-444-4063