There’s always new child development research. The studies provide caregivers with the latest knowledge explaining the best, safest, and most beneficial childcare practices. Nannies are not required a certain number of professional development hours like teachers. However, it’s up to each individual nanny to show parents that they are staying current in the field. Online childcare classes can do just that!

All of Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny’s online childcare classes are research based. Experts from the Boston medical community, an author of award-winning parenting books, sought after sleep consultant, and early childhood educators all take part in the creation of our online courses.

Bulk Up Your Resume

Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny offers a variety of comprehensive online childcare classes that will help nannies to gain additional knowledge (or refresh knowledge they may already have!). Upon completion of each course, we encourage nannies to email or present their certificate of completion to their boss. These professional development trainings show your commitment and investment in a child’s development and safety.

Nannies looking for a job, will stand out from other candidates by showcasing their professional development. Furthermore, be sure to add all certificates of completion to your resume and LinkedIn profile. For interview tips and do’s and don’ts at work check out our online nanny training: Professionalism In The Workplace.

Professional Development

BBN&N’s online Baby Sign Language class is ideal for nannies that work with infants, toddlers, or children with special needs. Learning to use baby sign language with young children can ease the frustration they (and you) may feel when trying to communicate. This class will expand a nanny’s knowledge and in turn benefit a child’s language development. In addition, if you work with a child with autism or Sensory Processing Disorder and are looking for tools to add to your early childhood toolbox, we have a class for you as well: Working With Children With Special Needs.

Having a working knowledge of early childhood milestones is a must for any childcare provider. Nannies should be able to explain to parents how a game or activity they planned worked on an age-appropriate milestone. You can learn about this and a break down of developmental milestones for each age group by taking Caring For Young Children: Early Childhood Milestones. If you want to learn more specifically about infants, try out Sleep Coaching 101 or Newborn Care Expert Training Program.

Online Childcare Classes Reviewing Safety

Nannies have the important role of caring for the single most important people in a parent’s life. Safety is always a paramount concern and knowing how to keep the children you care for out of harm’s way is invaluable knowledge. From bath time to cooking to playing in the backyard, our Nanny Safety Training covers the bases to show parents that you are fully invested in keeping their children safe and sound. In addition if you need a refresher on your CPR skills before you are due to be re-certified we encourage you, parents, and grandparents to take Online CPR, Choking, and Infant Emergencies.

Nannies and parents can check out our online childcare classes by clicking here. If you click on an individual course you can see a breakdown of the content in each unit. You will see that each course has multiple types of instructional methods to fit all learning styles. There are videos, PowerPoints, articles, audio files, and handouts. We encourage you to check it out today!