Overnight Newborn Care

If you are considering welcoming some support in those early days, weeks and months with your new baby, below we share five signs an overnight newborn care expert may benefit your family. One question many expecting and new parents often have is: Do the benefits of hiring a newborn care expert, a.k.a. baby nurse, for overnight care outweigh the cost?

It’s true. Having a trusted and experienced caregiver is an investment. Some families we’ve worked with decide to scale back on nursery, gadgets and gear for their baby because they realized they simply didn’t need them. A restful night’s sleep, on the other hand, was something they were willing to prioritize. Other families just budget for a few nights to get caught up on sleep and establish a restful rhythm. But every family has their own set of circumstances and preferences. Every family has different needs. If any of the following apply to you, it may be an option worth exploring.

You and Your Partner Maintain Careers

While more and more companies are offering generous paid leave packages these days, or the ability to work from home, unfortunately, the nature of some careers make it difficult to drop everything for an extended period of time. In addition to affecting your productivity and performance on the job, returning to the workforce while still in a sleep-deprived stage can affect both new parents at home. Having a newborn care expert to coach your baby into sleeping for longer stretches can be a lifesaver.

You Believe “It Takes a Village”

There’s a reason so many communities around the world share in caring for babies raising children. It’s a big job, for one. But it’s also that there’s so much valuable knowledge and guidance to be passed down from experienced generations to new parents. Baby nurses bring that calm confidence built on a foundation of decades of soothing babies. If you feel at ease working as a team to make sure your baby has the best start, a newborn care expert will be a good fit. And at Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny, you can be assured that your baby’s caregiver is following the safety guidelines established by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Mom Needs a Little TLC

Becoming a mother doesn’t mean you need to spend all your waking moments focused on your baby. Sometimes you just need some TLC for yourself, especially when you’re sleep deprived, and hormones and emotions are running high. That’s when an experienced newborn care expert (who will not judge you!) can really be the right call.

You’re Expecting Multiples

Establishing a flexible routine with your newborn isn’t always easy but it certainly helps to ease the transition into parenthood. When you are expecting more than one baby, however, this can be an even bigger challenge. That’s when an experienced overnight newborn expert can be invaluable. She will offer you the support and guidance many parents of twins find they need. A newborn care expert will help you to create feeding schedules, establish sleep routines and teach you the latest infant soothing techniques. If you like the idea of happy, well-rested babies and parents, this is definitely the way to go!

You Need Your Sleep

Granted, everyone needs sleep. But some people are better at skating by on less. If you’re someone who doesn’t function all that well with frequent night wakings or juggling a lot of balls on minimal sleep, overnight care could be a huge benefit for your family. Once you meet your newborn care expert, you’ll feel so at ease that your baby is in good hands. You can get the rest you need and be your best self to nurture your baby, excel at work and enjoy life.

Please contact us if you have any questions about overnight newborn care at Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny. We will work with you to create an individualized support plan that suits your family’s precise needs.

Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny – Overnight Newborn Care Experts

Sleep deprivation is not only exhausting – it can leave parents feeling tired and foggy.

The good news is that the professionals at Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny are here to help. Each overnight Newborn Care Expert will lovingly care for your baby and respond to every need. Whether interested in one overnight visit or seven overnight visits you can be reassured that your baby is in the very best of hands and developing healthy sleep habits on the way. Trust the team at Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny and get peace of mind.