overnight newborn care

As we enter into August, those little Summer-is-about-to-end signs seem to show up everywhere. The days begin to shorten, and the nights start to cool off. Endless beach days are replaced with back to school physicals, supplies shopping, and pre-season practices. Gone are the nights of blissfully nursing the newest member of your family knowing what the morning held; no plans. Hello, school year? More like… hello schedule!

Parenting children at different stages of life can prove to be a bit of an adjustment. An infant waking up at night stings three times worse when you need to be at school drop off at 7:00 a.m. only to turn around and pick up your toddler at 11:00 a.m. The night time sleep was interrupted, and now you’re moving onto a nap time interrupted. This is the perfect concoction for a very fussy, unhappy, and overtired baby.

Enter an old-time concept turned modern day saving grace: Overnight newborn care. Despite your desperate attempts at cooing, swaddling, and rocking – your baby will not sleep…but you’re not alone in the nighttime fight. Many families are looking towards hiring a caretaker for those 2 a.m. wakeup calls. Developing a schedule, and getting a restful night’s sleep makes a world of difference in being able to function as your best self.

What exactly does an overnight specialist do? A whole lot more than offering you some extra Zzz’s. An overnight newborn care expert will not only stay with your baby responding to every need so you can get a good night’s sleep but she will also teach your baby healthy sleep habits. Through offering helpful newborn care educational tips, maintaining sleep and feed logs, and utilizing skilled soothing techniques she will be a helping hand in this transitional time. As you are benefitting from more rest, the overnight care specialist will be busy creating a healthy and scheduled sleep environment. One of the most beneficial aspects of this one-on-one care for your child is being able to cater to their unique needs. While some babies have trouble initially falling asleep, others may struggle to stay asleep. The specialist can customize the plan-of-action to perfectly fit your little one’s troubles.

So, don’t let the idea of a Fall time routine scare you. There are resources to help get your youngest on track, and in the meantime allow you to avoid the dreaded head nod while watching your 6-year-old’s first soccer game. Sleep is in your future!