Because a good night’s sleep does you and your baby a world of good.

Don’t suffer another sleepless night. One of our experienced overnight newborn care experts will provide both the education and support you and your baby need to rest easy.

Overnight Newborn and Baby Care

Overnight newborn care experts provide both education and support to parents during the first few months of a baby’s life. We sometimes refer to this period as “the fourth trimester”. During those first few months of life babies usually wake to eat every one to three hours. Because newborns tend to sleep during the day they become more awake at night.

Night wakings are exhausting for parents and can create sleep deprivation (which contributes to depression). This is where an overnight newborn care expert (baby nurse) visit is particularly helpful. Your overnight newborn care expert will stay with your baby responding to every need so you can get a good night’s sleep. She will also teach your baby healthy sleep habits.Whether you are interested in scheduling one night or several in a row Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny will help you to make the most of these visits.

Boston Newborn Care

What to expect from your Overnight Newborn Care Expert:

  • Newborn care education.
  • Support during this time of transition.
  • Professional advice/ options for parents with particular areas of concern.
  • Maintenance of infant sleep and feeding logs.
  • Assistance with feedings, facilitate breastfeeding and answer any feeding related (breast or bottle) questions.
  • Utilize skilled and proven soothing techniques.
  • Knowledgeable in all aspects of newborn care including: Diapering, changing, bathing, circumcision care, umbilical cord care, bottle preparation (breast milk & formula), bottle cleaning, organization and maintenance of nursery, assist in establishing healthy sleep habits, maintain a thorough log of eating, sleeping and behavioral patterns, support for postpartum depression, and overall care of the newborn at night so parents can get much needed sleep.
I wanted to be sure to send a quick note to say how AMAZING it was to have Charlene with our family last night! Her calm confidence let us all rest assured and made for a fantastic night of a great rhythm for Baby Theo – and actual rest for us all, happy day! We’re all just floating with bright eyes and calm this morning – such a dream!
Gloucester, MA
Baby nurses are great and Boston Baby Nurse has completely turned our life around. My baby slept great for the first 4 to 5 weeks and then all of a sudden started getting up at night every hour. I was exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated to say the least. I spoke with Carole at Boston Baby Nurse and set up a baby nurse visit. The first night our baby nurse came was wonderful. I went to bed at 10:30 got up once at 2:00 to breastfeed and then went right back to sleep until 6:00 am. I woke up completely refreshed and relaxed. It has been a month and we still have a baby nurse come two times a week.
Cambridge, MA