Reading for New Parents

With over a decade of experience at Boston’s top birthing hospitals, a parent educator, and lactation consultant, Carole shares  her expertise on sleep, schedules, and infant development with hundreds of thousands as they transition into their new roles.

Newborn 101

A must have for new parent, Carole Kramer Arsenault and we team of professional nurses share their expert advice on preparing and caring for your baby at home.

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The Baby Nurse Bible

Packed with information parents need for the first trimester of pregnancy through baby’s first three months, Arsenault’s offers expert guidance to expecting parents.

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Baby Care Videos

In addition to our world-class services to care for your baby and children, check out Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny’s free education and resources for new parents.

  • Nap schedules for babies
  • How to bathe your baby
  • How to swaddle an infant
  • Applying sunscreen to your baby
  • Brushing your baby’s teeth


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Lovely Pictures Studios

Lovely Pictures Studio

Lovely Pictures Studio

Hello! My name is Ana I. Viana and I am the owner and main photographer at Lovely Pictures Studio. I love capturing spontaneous, natural and candid moments with all the details as they are in REAL LIFE. Eternalizing beautiful experiences through photography is my purpose; memories that evoke a feeling so strong that it brings you back to that snapshot in time is my vision; captivating photographs that speak for themselves is my mission.

I’m a big fan of light, so naturally, I’m drawn to a bright style of photographs.

Interested in what sessions we offer? Bump to Baby, Family Portraits, Cake Smashing, Professional Headshots, Branding Photoshoots, Seasonal Photo Sessions, Maternity Photoshoots, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Baby Showers.

Embeba Diaper Balm

Embeba Diaper Balm

Co-Founder and CEO of EmBeba, Thai-Anh shares how she came up with the idea for the “Don’t Be Rash Embeba Stick.”

While on a family trip to Bosnia my daughter developed a terrible diaper rash and eczema flare up. We had brought along all the normal products to use and nothing worked. It was really hard traveling with a cranky, uncomfortable baby, and not being able to help her. While we were there, we were given a generation-tested Bosnian remedy that was used by farmers in harsh conditions to calm and soothe their irritated skin. We used it on our daughter and it worked like a charm! It was then that I had this inspiration to introduce this amazing, natural product to more families struggling with eczema and rashes in an effort to make dealing with these issues EASIER and BETTER.


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As new parents, adjusting to life with a newborn can be a challenging and exhausting experience. Between round-the-clock feedings, diaper changes, and their near-constant need for attention, it can be difficult to find time to rest and recharge. In fact, sleep deprivation is a common problem for new parents, and it can have significant

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