There are so many parenting education resources. From books to Youtube channels to podcasts and Instagram, the list goes on and on! Do you ever feel like you are getting way more information than you need, perhaps information that was not relevant to you? Or do you ever feel like you end up walking away with more questions than answers? This is where Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny’s personalized newborn classes come into play!

Our personalized classes are designed with you (yes you!) in mind! No one class is the same. We take the time to analyze your situation and assess what material you really need. Here is how we do it.

Parenting Education Initial Call

First, your instructor, who is also a registered nurse, will set up a call with you. In this 30-minute call, we will discuss where you are in your pregnancy, your pregnancy history, if your baby is already born, and your plans of caring for your baby. In this preliminary call, we will take notes on which topics would benefit you most and ask what questions you have.

After The Call

Once we hang up the phone, your instructor will begin to design a class that fits your needs, wants and expectations. First, we will decide whether you would benefit most from our Newborn 101 or 102 parenting education class. We’ll assess what materials to review and whether or not we should bring in additional resources such as lactation support.

Designing Your Personalized Class

Next, we will customize the class for you and your partner. For example, if you are planning to solely breastfeed or solely formula feed, we will cater the class to your family’s plans. Another example may be whether you have a planned c-section, a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section), or planned vaginal birth. We individually design your newborn parenting education class to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for! Knowledge is power, in many ways.

Newborn 101 Parenting Education

Your instructor will start by going over the materials listed in the course description in relation to your family and plans for your newborn. Then, the floor is yours. Ask us anything! We want you to step away from your class feeling confident, able, and prepared to take on the many new, exciting changes coming your way! As you can see, there are many different variations and the approach we take is very much unique to the family whom we are working with. We want to leave no stone unturned and make sure that your questions are answered thoroughly. You may remain in contact with your instructor or even set up additional time to speak as your questions arise.

Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny is here for you each step of the way in your journey of parenthood. Our incredible team of educators, registered nurses, lactation consultants, sleep coaches, and Newborn Care Experts have created a unique atmosphere where you can find the guidance, support, and encouragement to be the best parents you can be. We are here for you. And guess what … you are going to make an amazing parent! Sign up for a newborn class today!

About The Author

Kaitlin McCarthy is a Registered Nurse and EMT. She started at Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny as a Newborn Care Specialist and then decided to go back to nursing school. Kaitlin is also the owner of Boston CPR Partners and specializes in instructing new parents, caregivers and medical personnel. She has worked in both the pre-hospital and clinical settings, most recently in the ER. Her passions lie in Emergency Medicine, Labor and Delivery and Newborn care.