Parenting is a learning experience and much of it involves trial and error and learning what works best for you and your family. Therefore, any “mistakes” are just valuable learning experiences that will help you improve in the future. Expectant parents can get swept up in all the excitement of a new baby and may make some common new parenting mistakes. We will share some common “mistakes” we see in an effort to help you prevent these.

Too Much Baby Gear

The baby business is a big market so try not to get caught up in all of the things you think your baby needs. It is important to buy the essentials; a car seat and a safe sleeping space such as a crib or bassinet. But your baby does not need all of the latest gadgets and unnecessary items such as bottle and wipe warmers. The most important thing your baby needs during the newborn stage is your affection and care. They do not need lots of toys.

Skipping Hospital Details

When you get to the hospital, you want to be sure you are familiar with where you will park and where to go. It may be helpful to tour the hospital and familiarize yourself with the parking, admitting, and payment protocol beforehand. You only need to pack a small bag of essentials for yourself and the new baby. You do not need to bring your baby’s car seat into the birthing room.


Every parent will experience unexpected issues in the first few weeks of parenting. Try not to stress and embrace these as valuable learning experiences. Do not stress if your baby doesn’t breastfeed or receive prolonged skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth. If you have breastfeeding issues simply reach out to a lactation consultant or baby nurse who will help you get on track. Infants do not follow a set schedule so be prepared to be flexible and go with the flow the first few months. Babies can sense your stress so try to find ways to relax and destress. Some parents find yoga and meditation helpful while others may enjoy some alone time engaging in their favorite hobby or spending quality time with their partner.

Unawareness of Toxins

It is important to become informed about potentially harmful toxins around you. Even a few small changes to help keep your family safe and healthy. Try to buy organic versions of high-pesticide produce. Use cleaning supplies with the lowest chemical content or even consider making your own. You should ventilate your house and baby’s room with open windows. Read personal care ingredients carefully. Some may not be FDA-regulated and may not be the safest for you or your baby.

Lopsided Parental Roles

Maternal instinct and years of “traditional” nuclear family roles are powerful things but everyone, especially baby, will benefit tremendously if both parents engage in all aspects of care. Dads can help change diapers and clothing, bathe and soothe baby and give the baby a bottle. Talking and reading to your baby is very important and can be a great way for dad and baby to bond. Be sure to communicate about how you can work together as partners to care for your bundle of joy.

Enjoy this time with your new baby and make some wonderful memories!

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Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny Services

Night wakings can be exhausting for parents and lack of sleep can leave parents feeling scattered and foggy. An overnight newborn care expert provides care so sleep deprived parents can get a good night of sleep. Your baby needs sleep and so do you.

Daytime Newborn Care

Your Newborn Care Expert will care for your infant and create a stimulating environment that will help foster your baby’s development.

In-Home Consultant Visits

Our trained professionals can teach you how to best care for your baby. Many parents have questions about how to bathe their babies, how to swaddle, or a host of other questions. We also offer a variety of breastfeeding support and lactation services designed to help support and maximize your breastfeeding experience.

Baby Sleep Coaching

One in four children under the age of five has a sleep issue. Most children’s sleep issues are behavioral and not medical. If your child is struggling with sleep issues, you are not alone!

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The care of your children is our highest priority. Connecting families with warm, responsible, and trustworthy caregivers is what we do best. Our team will meet with your family, identify qualified caregivers, and hand-select the best candidates for you to meet with.