Having a playroom in your home is such a wonderful space to have. Whether it is your finished basement or even a bedroom converted into a play space. The kids can have all their toys in one space, which means less mess throughout the house. However, playroom organization is a must! You want your children to learn how to clean up and be able find their toys. An organized space is much more functional than a messy space, so let me help you! 

1. Donate or Toss 

First thing is first it’s time to purge. Are there toys that your child has outgrown or ones with missing pieces? To have playroom organization, you’ll need to remove any toys that are no longer functional; they’re just taking up space. Any toys that are broken or missing pieces should go into the trash. Has your child grown out of a toy because of his age or no longer has interest playing with it? Donate it to family, friends, or your local church. Just because your child no longer has interest in it, doesn’t mean it couldn’t make another child VERY happy!  

2. Decide on Storage for Playroom Organization

Now time to start your playroom organization! You need to decide on containers or bins. I love having one aesthetically pleasing piece in the room that can nicely fit bins so it’s easy for your child to pull them out and put them back. Here is a great example.

Storage can make the room more functional and organized. Try and stick with certain colors to give it the all-around organized look. You can also add a bookshelf in the playroom for book storage and easy access for the kids to be able to see their books. Always make sure you secure big heavy pieces of furniture to the wall, especially if you have a climber.   

3. Give Toys Homes 

A great tip for playroom organization is to give toys homes. This is a fun way to have your child help, so he understands where the toys go when it comes time to clean up. A few examples would be: 

  • Barbies 
  • Trucks 
  • Blocks 
  • Legos 
  • Dress up clothes 
  • Play food 

Try storing these toys in their own bins with a label. You can also use different color bins for each toy group. Always make sure if your child has small Legos or small toys, they are supervised. 

4. Keep Messy Activities Out of Reach 

If you are going to have your child’s art supplies at a desk in the playroom, be sure to keep the extra messy supplies out of reach. Such as paint, glitter, and glue. It’s great for your child to explore with these supplies, as long as they ask first. You can’t have playroom organization if there is paint all over the walls! Here is a great Art Cart that you can pull out of the closet when you’re ready to get crafty!

5. Small Pieces 

Are there lots of small pieces in the playroom? Does your child have all the extra accessories for their barbies or Mr. Potato Head? It’s always a great idea to save all your makeup bags; they are great storage for these items. You can also use Ziplock bags that have the slide zipper top for an easy open and close. It’s a good idea to keep the tiny pieces in bags so they don’t get lost or even vacuumed up! 

There you have it; my favorite top five tips for playroom organization! Good luck and have fun organizing the room and decorating this fun space for the kids! A household manager can help with these tasks as well or a nanny if you have a young child in half day preschool.

About The Author

Jaclyn Capilli has over 10 years experience working with children. After graduating from Curry College with her Bachelor Degree she worked as a paraprofessional in a special need’s classroom. Then while in Graduate school at Cambridge College she nannied for a local family for 3 years. After moving back to the South Shore she worked for Head Start for 5 plus years while nannying for a local family. She is now a mother of two and is working for Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny. She owns Jaclyn Nicole Photography, a photography business in the South Shore. In her free time she likes reading, going for hikes and making memories with her daughters.