The time has come when postpartum doula support is being recognized by health insurance providers and employers as an essential service for new parents. Previously, parents that could not afford doula services and didn’t have friends or family close by to lend a helping hand were left to navigate their postpartum journey on their own. Now, in certain states, there are financial options available for those who qualify to hire a professional doula to receive the support new parents deserve. Research has shown that parents who feel supported during the “fourth trimester” have an easier physical and emotional recovery after birth.

Recognizing Postpartum Doula Support at a State Level

Several states are now beginning to understand the value and importance of postpartum care inside the birthing place as well as in the home. Subsequently, in recent years several states have made huge strides in providing access to postpartum doula services to those who may not have had the option before due to finances.

Massachusetts Postpartum Doula Care

As of December 2023, Massachusetts Mass Health Program covers doula services for pregnancy, delivery, and up to 12 months postpartum for all MassHealth members. MassHealth on notes that, “The MassHealth Chief Medical Officer has issued a standing recommendation which recommends doula services for all pregnant and postpartum MassHealth members.” Therefore, MassHealth members can take advantage of 60 or 90 minute doula visits for up to 8 hours of perinatal care without prior authorization. Massachusetts has one of the highest doula reimbursement programs available through Medicaid.

Many private health insurance plans also provide a postpartum doula stipend. Those who read through their health insurance coverage plan may be surprised to see postpartum doula reimbursement is available to them. Check your plans’ coverage today!

Rhode Island Postpartum Doula Bill

In 2022 Rhode Island passed the “doula bill”. The bill created a state law that requires health insurance companies to supply a doula support benefit for all Rhode Island based insurance companies. What amazing news this is for parents! This means that every parent that has Rhode Island based health insurance can receive postpartum doula support. This doula bill can be life changing to parents that would not be have been able to afford the support they deserve without financial assistance.

The number of postpartum visits that health insurance covers vary. Therefore, it can be helpful to call the number on the back of your health insurance card and ask about doula benefits. Click here to see if your state is offering doula reimbursement or coverage.

Employee Benefits

Another option that has recently grown tremendously is the Carrot Fertility company. Carrot is a fertility health benefit program for more than 800 companies nationwide. Eligible employees of certain companies can receive Carrot benefits from their employer that they can use towards fertility health, pregnancy, postpartum and more. Here at Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny we have recently seen a huge growth in inquiries from families that would like to use benefit stipends towards postpartum doula services. It is a relatively simple process, and we are happy to help you in any way that we can. It can be helpful to ask your employer what benefits they offer towards postpartum services or read through your benefits package.

Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny is proud to offer Postpartum Doulas and overnight newborn care in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We are now working with MA and RI residents to offer doula reimbursement when approved by your health insurance or employer. We strongly encourage you to ask your employer and health insurance provider if their benefits program offers postpartum doula reimbursement. Advocating for your postpartum health and support is essential. We believe that you deserve top quality postpartum doula care to help you have the best possible start to your parenting experience.

Give us a call today to see how we can support your growing family at 781-444-4063. Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny wants to be your childcare resource from birth and beyond!

About The Author

Annie | Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny | New Englands Best Nanny AgencyAnnie Getz attended nanny school in 2012 where she became a Newborn Care Specialist and Certified Professional Nanny. She is also a DONA certified postpartum doula as well as a DONA certified birth doula. Annie is calm and nurturing with education in all things newborn care! Her goal is to leave parents feeling well rested and confident during their new chapter. At Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny Annie is our Newborn Care Manager and runs the Sleep Coaching Program as our lead Certified Sleep Coach.