If you’re planning on giving birth in a hospital it’s important to go in knowing that there will be a lot of teaching going on while  your there (and not a whole lot of resting!) Unlike years ago when babies spent a lot of time in the hospital nursery, most hospitals today have you “room in” with your baby. This is great not only because that’s exactly where your baby belongs–bonding with you!–but also because you get a chance to really dive into baby care and get the hang of things a bit before going home. You will be getting a lot of important information from nurses, your doctor, a pediatrician and lactation consultant while there so be sure to limit visitors so you can absorb it all! You’ll be shown how to bath your baby, swaddling techniques, circumcision care, get breastfeeding support and feeding guidelines, among many other things. Learn all you can and don’t be afraid to ask questions! I emphasized this point to a roomful of parents a few weeks ago at Isis Parenting in Boston: