All professionals need to take time every year to expand their knowledge in their field so they don’t become dated. Professional Development can consist of online classes, workshops, conferences, and more. Nannies, it is important, just like teachers, that we stay educated in the ever changing field of early childhood. There are a few big nanny training events that take place every year: National Nanny Training Day in the Spring and Nannypalooza in the Fall.

What To Expect At Nannypalooza 2021

This year Nannypalooza will take place in Hartford, Connecticut. It runs from Friday, October 8th through Sunday, October 10th. Covid-19 safety precautions will be in place and limited seats will be available, so sign up now! There are two workshops on Friday afternoon with a welcome reception in the evening. Saturday there is a full day of fun professional development workshops to choose, from Sleep Coaching to Potty Training to Food Allergies and more! In the evening network with nannies at a party, with light snacks and drinks provided. Finally on Sunday there will be a breakfast buffet and morning workshops, including a nanny panel discussing how to happily stay in a job long term.

Professional Development Workshops

Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny is excited to announce we are presenting on both Friday and Saturday this year! On Friday afternoon three members from our team will be offering a professional development training about children learning through play and how emergent teaching can promote curiosity. You will walk away with lots of new activities to try with your nanny family. Look for the workshop titled, The Wonder Years: Encouraging Curiosity Using a Play-Based Curriculum.

On Saturday, two team members will expand on our online training, Sleep Coaching 101, and go further into sleep coaching naps and transitioning to one nap and later on none. This workshop is called, Sleep: Making Sure Everyone is Getting It! We hope to see some of you there expanding your professional development and having fun networking with nanny peers.

Parents Look For Professional Nannies

Parents want to hire a nanny whose resume shows (s)he is always expanding her knowledge with professional development workshops. If you go to an interview and your resume shows you graduated from college or earned an early childhood certificate back in 2010 with no additional training since, you won’t look very appealing to anxious new parents. They want to put their children in the hands of a qualified, devoted professional. Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny encourages you to take at least one, if not two, new trainings/workshops a year. Here is your opportunity; right in New England! Register for Nannypalooza today; you won’t regret it! Parents if you are reading this article, forward it to your nanny. You could even offer to pay half the registration fee knowing their knowledge is then invested into your children.

If you are unable to attend Nannypalooza this year, we encourage you to sign up for an online class through Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny. Keep in mind you can get free online classes if you work with our nanny placement agency! Reach out to if you would like to sign up for a free class today! Take a look at our current classes here.