Parents may hire overnight newborn care to get an uninterrupted night’s sleep knowing a trained professional has eyes on their baby at all times. Knowing that you hired the right level of care for your baby can make your night’s sleep even more restful. Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny provides trained Newborn Care Experts (NCEs) that are highly qualified and have years of experience to safely care for your newborn. Some parents are looking for an even higher level of training due to preterm delivery or complications. BBN&N provides Registered Nurses just for those instances. These individuals have passed their nursing boards and have years of experience in the newborn care field. Below, we’ll explore 5 reasons why you may want to hire a Registered Nurse for newborn and postpartum care!


Infants who are born prematurely can often face difficulties in the first several weeks to months of life.  These challenges may have been managed and treated in the NICU. However, when bringing your baby home this care falls on parents. Unfortunately, this is a steep learning curve which comes with limited training for the at home caregivers (ie parents, grandparents).

Hiring a registered nurse to help teach you how to care for your preemie newborn can reduce parents’ anxiety, allow you to ask more questions, and let you to sleep knowing your baby is safe with a seasoned medical professional. Registered nurses can also assist in medication administration and medical equipment monitoring, if that’s part of your newborn’s daily routine.

Labor Complications

Labor and delivery should be an amazing and empowering experience for all women, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Many women experience difficulties during their delivery, which leads to prolonged recovery and limited mobility. When these events occur, it’s of the utmost importance that mothers receive supportive care for their newborn AND themselves.

Support of this kind involves a nurse for newborn and postpartum care. A registered nurse will care for your newborn while also assessing the mother’s vitals, surgical incisions, looking out for possible bleeding, assisting with breastfeeding, and answering any questions the family has. Having a registered nurse in your home during this time can alleviate stress and allow for more rest and recuperation, which in turn hastens recovery!

Medication Administration By A Registered Nurse

Medical administration can be a frightening task for new parents. Some medications come in milligrams while others come in micrograms. Sometimes medications are given before feedings while others are with or after feedings. Some medications are taken several times a day but have different doses throughout the day. If your baby is on one or more medications, administering them correctly can be daunting.

Having a registered nurse in your home to help explain the medications, how they work, what they treat, how to administer them and what you should be looking out for relieves anxiety while also ensuring that the medication is given properly.  (Cue sigh of relief!)

Monitoring & Medical Devices

Some babies will arrive home from the NICU with specialized monitoring and medical devices. These may include cardiac monitoring, feedings tubes, or supplemental oxygen support. The beeps, dings and constant noises coming from these machines can be exhausting and worrisome, particularly when first coming home. Having an RN to explain different alarms, intervene when necessary, and care for your infant while you rest is comforting.

A Nurse For Newborn Medical Expertise

Additional medical expertise is always helpful when caring for your newborn. After completing their rotations in both pediatrics and maternity, registered nurses gain a more complete understanding of the developmental milestones, along with potential complications of newborns and mothers. A registered nurse is also trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of illnesses, which may lead to an earlier diagnosis and more immediate medical intervention. Though your newborn may have been born full term and your delivery was uncomplicated, there is an additional sense of peace of mind that comes with knowing that a registered nurse is in your home!

The list of reasons why you may consider having a registered nurse in your home is endless. No matter what your circumstances may be, there is nothing like knowing your anxiety level will drop as soon as the registered nurse for newborn and postpartum care knocks on your door. Nurses are patient, kind, and have the ability to alleviate stress, all while providing amazing care for you and your newborn. Click here to learn more about Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny’s RN Services!

About The Author

Kaitlin McCarthy is a Registered Nurse and EMT. She started at Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny as a Newborn Care Specialist and then decided to go back to nursing school. Kaitlin is also the owner of Boston CPR Partners and specializes in instructing new parents, caregivers and medical personnel. She has worked in both the pre-hospital and clinical settings, most recently in the ER. Her passions lie in Emergency Medicine, Labor and Delivery and Newborn care.