Heading back to work after having a baby? Don’t be surprised if you have mixed feelings about it–part of you may be looking forward to the adult interaction out of the house and getting back on a schedule, while the other part of you just can’t imagine being away from your baby for that long every day. But finding the right childcare option that you’re comfortable with can help ease the transition. Once you and your partner have decided whether to go with a daycare center or an in-home nanny, here are a few key questions you’ll want to be sure you ask your prospective providers before moving forward:

Daycare Center or Home Day Care

Is your day care licensed?

What is the experience level and training process of your staff? (pedagogical education, first aid, infant/child CPR-certified, etc.)

What is the infant-to-care-provider ratio?

What are your rates?

What does cost include?

What are your visiting, drop-off, and pick-up policies?

What is a typical daily routine for infants?

What kinds of activities and interaction will my baby be exposed to?

Do you have a sick child policy?

Nanny or Babysitter

What is your infant care experience level?

Do you have past childcare emplyment references?

What kinds of activities and interaction would you provide during the day?

Do you have a clean driving record?

Are you infant/child CPR-certified?

Have you had any first aid trining?

Are your work hours flexible?

What steps would you take if a baby was crying inconsolably for a long period of time?

What is your hourly rate?

Baby Nurse Tip: Before you schedule a meeting with a prospective child care center be sure to do a search Online for reviews. It will not only help the best ones stand out but save you time if you find feedback of the deal-breaker sort.