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Registered Nurse Services 

RN Care and Support For You and Your Baby 

Bringing home a preterm baby, experiencing a difficult labor or struggles with postpartum depression can make the transition to home much more stressful than you may have originally anticipated.  What makes Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny’s RN Services unique is that our team of registered nurses are not only equipped and trained to care for your baby, but also care for you.   

Having a seasoned and trained medical professional by your side as you bring your baby home is priceless.  Whether you are seeking a nurse’s eye and expertise when caring for your baby, lactation support, daytime or overnight care, our team is there to support you physically, emotionally and medically. 

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Newborn Care Specialist Vs Registered Nurse

Newborn Care Specialists are trained professionals who have completed a Newborn Care course that aligns with the practices of the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Newborn Care Specialists are also CPR certified and support your baby in establishing safe and healthy sleep habits.   

Our team of Registered Nurses have completed an accredited Nursing college degree and have successfully passed their boards.  With this background in medicine, our team of nurses is able to provide specialized care for your family, whether it be for your little one or you.  Our team of Registered Nurses receives extensive training in caring for premies, newborns with additional oxygen needs, newborns who have Nasogastric and Gastric tubes, cardiac conditions requiring monitoring, birth injuries, cleft lips and palates, and much more! 

Once your baby has reached a point in which they do not require supplemental oxygen, electronic monitoring and advanced tubes and lines have been removed, we begin a seamless transition of care from the Registered Nurse to the Newborn Care Specialist.  During this transition, the Registered Nurse and Newborn Care Specialist work together to establish goals and create a plan for your baby.  During the time that your baby spends with the Newborn Care Specialist, they remain in contact with the Nurse, which allows there to be continuous communication which improves your baby’s transition from one caregiver to another. 

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Registered Nurse Services FAQs

Can I speak with an RN before my delivery if I have questions?2021-10-19T16:02:31-04:00

Yes! Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny offers Nurse Consultations. We also offer both a Prenatal and Newborn Care Class. You can schedule one, or both of these classes. For each of them, an RN Parent Educator will come to your home, walk you through what to expect during the different stages of your pregnancy, labor, and delivery, along with how to care for your newborn. Then, the floor is yours and you can ask any questions you have! This individualized and personalized course will have you feeling ready and able to take on the excitement ahead! You can read more about our classes here: (link to prenatal/newborn classes, already written, Kelsey has them)

Can the RN help take care of me too?2021-10-19T16:00:09-04:00

Of course! What makes our team unique is that we care for you and your baby. We can answer your questions, assess incision sites, monitor your vitals and so on. We always walk into your home anticipating two patients, not just one! (Or three if you have twins, or four if you have triplets!)

How do I choose between a Newborn Care Specialist and a RN?2021-10-19T15:55:45-04:00

Our team of Newborn Care Specialists are highly qualified and trained to care for healthy infants. They are also trained to care for infants with reflux and can assist you in sleep training as well.

Our team of RNs are graduates of accredited colleges and universities. They have also passed their national boards exam (NCLEX) and have extensive experience in caring for infants. Our RN team is equipt to assist you if your baby has a medical condition or requires monitoring

Will my visit be covered by insurance?2021-10-19T15:41:03-04:00

As of now, the RN services with Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny are not covered by insurance. This is something we are working towards and hope to have in the future

When should I call you?2021-10-19T15:40:21-04:00

You can call us at any time! We are happy to assist you! In terms of the RN Services, you may consider giving us a call after learning your baby will need additional support after birth, have recently had a doctor’s appointment with new findings in your child’s health or if you prefer a registered nurse. Our RN team is here to support you in a variety of different ways, whether it be daytime care or night. Our goal is to provide you with not only the highest quality care but ensure that your questions are answered by a medical professional.

How quickly can I see someone?2021-10-19T15:39:20-04:00

Our goal is to pair you with one of our team members as soon as possible! Depending on availability, we may even be able to support your family that same night or the following day.

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Olivia was an invaluable resource for us in the weeks after my son’s birth. He had a difficult time latching, which caused me significant pain. We spoke to three different lactation consultants before meeting with Olivia. Olivia was the first to offer a home visit. She was prompt, friendly, warm, reassuring, and full of expert advice. She did a more thorough exam of my son’s mouth than any of our other lactation consultants, thereby discovering a tongue tie that was later confirmed and treated by a specialist surgeon. Olivia was also the first person to tell me about different brands of breast pump flanges, which greatly improved my pumping experience. Her approach is clearly mother-centered as well as baby-centered; she was tremendously validating and compassionate during a time when I was second-guessing everything, and for that I will be forever grateful. I could not recommend Olivia’s services more highly!

Stephanie, Boston, MA


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