Saint Patricks day is right around the corner in March. This is a fun holiday. Some cities, such as Boston, get really into celebrating their Irish heritage. Ahead of time, make a leprechaun trap with your children. This is a great STEM activity that involves creativity and thought. Now let the fun begin with leprechaun tricks.

The Leprechaun Has Visited

If you still have snow on the ground, start by painting footprints on the snow leading up the the house. Or make green footprints from the front door, leading to a mess. Similarly, do this with washable green paint on tile or laminate flooring. Paint the side of your hand in a fist shape and then use your finger print to make the toes. If you have carpet or hardwood you can cut footprints out of green paper. In addition, scatter chocolate gold coins or real coins in a line up to the leprechaun trap.

Leprechaun Tricks

This is the fun part for parents on Saint Patricks day. You get to decorate the house with green and gold while your kids are sleeping or at school. Your mess should be something the kids have done before and know is not allowed. For instance, leaving a pile of legos in the middle of the floor. Trust me, you don’t want to have the mischievous leprechaun do something that your kids haven’t even thought of yet. Here are some fun leprechaun tricks you could try. Only do a few so you can save some new ones for next year!

  • Balloons: Fill the bath tub with green and gold balloons!
  • Streamers: Hang green, white, and gold streamers in different doorways. You can even tape some across their bedroom door as if they can’t enter.
  • Rainbow: Draw a colorful rainbow on a mirror with window markers.
  • Green Crinkle Cut Paper: Fill the bathroom or kitchen sink with green crinkle cut paper or easter grass filler.
  • Collect Green Toys: Find a bunch of green toys around the house and make a heaping pile of toys in the middle of the living room (legos, blocks, cars, ball, crayons, stuffed animal, book, sweatshirt).
  • Green Milk: Put a few drops of food coloring in the carton of milk. However, if you think your kids won’t drink it, then just leave out one cup of green milk on the counter.
  • Shamrock Soap: Replace any bars of soap with a green shamrock soap bar.
  • Toilet Paper Roll: I bet you can’t stand when your kids roll out too much toilet paper; well now it’s your turn. Pull out some toilet paper; you can even draw green footprints on the end of it. Remember if your child hasn’t figured this out yet, I wouldn’t recommend having the tricky leprechaun show them.
  • Green Pee: Put a few drops of green food coloring in the toilet bowl. Using washable paint and the side of your hand in a fist shape to make 2 green footprints on the toilet seat. As a result, this will show that the leprechaun peed green and left his footprints behind as proof.
  • Green Shoelaces: Swap out shoe laces for green ones and tie two shoes together.
  • Silly String: If you’re willing to clean it up, spray green silly string all by the front door.
  • Shaving Cream Message: On the counter mix in a few drops of green liquid water color (you could use food coloring) with a heap of shaving cream. Spread it out and with your finger write a message such as, “Nice Try!”
  • Cellophane Wrap The Sink: Using green cellophane cover the sink, consequently blocking it from being used. Make sure it’s not a sink you will need to use for the next few hours.
  • Green Light Bulb: Buy a green light bulb and replace it in a room the kids often turn the light on in. Make sure it’s in a light that they can’t see the bulb. As a result, the kids will think it’s magic that the leprechaun was able to alter the light! Later that night, take it out to save for next year.
  • Green Tap Water: Follow Steve Spangler’s Science experiment to have green water come out of your faucet!

Provoke Thought

The kids may ask why or how they didn’t catch the leprechaun. Turn the question around and ask them how they think the leprechaun managed to escape. One year I left a leprechaun’s hat that he dropped while running away. If your kids put tape or glue on the bottom of their box, you can leave behind another leprechaun trick: a forgotten mini black boot, stuck to the bottom. To conclude Saint Patrick’s Day, the kids can make a book illustrating the leprechaun’s journey into their home. They’ll have to use their imagination!

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