We give the gift of sleep.

Want to minimize night wakings that may last through toddlerhood? You can. The truth is, most babies are capable of sleeping an 8- to12-hour stretch through the night once they reach four to six months old. Some infants can even sleep for long nighttime periods as early as six weeks. But they need a little guidance to get on the right schedule.

Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny Sleep Coaching

Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny will help your baby develop healthy sleep patterns right from the start, so that a good night’s sleep becomes a staple in your household.

Signs your baby may need a sleep coach:

  • Rocking, swinging, or nursing/bottle-feeding is primary method of falling asleep
  • Has trouble falling asleep, and/or wakes several times throughout the night
  • Ends up in your bed at some point during the night, and nobody is getting enough rest
  • Wakes up before 6 a.m. but is still exhausted and irritable
  • Takes short naps or no naps, but clearly needs more daytime sleep

Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny will provide your family with gentle, compassionate overnight sleep coaching visits, and support every step of the way. During your initial phone call our sleep specialist will assess your infant’s general history, specifically reviewing current sleep patterns, sleeping arrangements, family structure and any other important information in a confidential manner. We will then discuss and and plan your overnight sleep coaching visits.

Although there is no predictor for exactly how long it will take to instill a successful sleep routine, most babies have improved sleep within 3 to 5 visits. It is important to note that success with any method of sleep coaching depends on parents being able to commit to a consistent plan of nighttime care. Let’s discuss your family’s sleep coaching needs.

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The consult was very helpful. Dr. McEvoy was able to devise a concrete plan for me that my husband and I were both comfortable with. I was reassured to know that there were things I could do to solve the early wake ups. I wish I had talked to her 2 months earlier. We are all sleeping much better. Thank you.
We can’t say enough good things about Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny. Having used you with both of our kids I can honestly say that working with you has been among the best decisions we made as parents. We would (and do!) recommend you to anyone who needs help with sleep or sleep training. Thank you again to you both! We are so grateful for your help and support, and for the priceless gift of sleep!
Eve (+Christina, Reece and Simone)
Needham, MA