So often we hear, “It takes a village”. However for families with special needs children, that village can be very hard to find. At Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny, we have made a personal commitment to helping families find quality care that meets their individual needs.

Our “Why…”

When my son was 22 months old, he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I had planned for this moment for the months leading up to it. However, one thing I hadn’t prepared for was the loneliness that often goes hand in hand with special needs parenting. There is a lack of reliable support and childcare available to families like my own.

As the Director of Nanny Placement Services, I work very closely with families each day. Every family has a unique story to tell and I aim to make a personal connection with each of them. As a parent myself, I know how hard it is to put your trust in another person to care for your most precious gifts. It can be even harder to find loving care for special needs children. That is one of the many reasons why Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny is so excited to announce our newest service, Special Needs Caregivers, to our wide array of options.

The First Certified Autism Nanny Agency!

After pairing up with the International Board of Credentialing & Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), we are now proud to call ourselves the first Certified Autism Nanny Agency in the country!

In addition to being mothers, trained educators, & nurses, we are Autism Certified Specialists. All of these titles help us to identify only the best of the best in caregivers. Your family can rest assured that when pairing with us to hire a caregiver for your special needs child, BBN&N has you covered.

Trained Nannies Working With Special Needs Children

Not only is our internal staff Autism Certified, but so are the Special Needs Caregivers we place with your family. Your new nanny will have the formal certification and continuing education needed to work with children on the Autism Spectrum. Our recruitment team is fully equipped to identify the necessary qualities caregivers needs to work with children on the Spectrum. In addition, your caregiver will begin their new position with the tools and training to help your child blossom.

It really does take a village and for nearly 15 years, Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny has been serving as yours. All of our services have been born organically from listening to the changing needs of families with whom we partner. Adding Special Needs Caregivers to our line of services was only natural and we are so excited to share the news with you!

About The Author

AshleyAshley Gugliotta is Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny’s Nanny Program Director. As a mother of three young children herself, she knows the importance of finding the right match for your family. She aims to provide families with candidates they can trust to take exceptional care of the most precious members of their family. She is currently completing her Master’s degree in Special Education at Bridgewater State University.