What fun Summer adventures are you planning for the children in your care? Summer activities should be structured around the children’s ages and include both indoor and outdoor activities, in addition to activities at home or day trips. Ask them what they want to do; what interests them?

At-Home Summer Activities

There are several summer activities for kids to engage in at home to keep them off their electronic gadgets. Your goal should be to create engaging, intellectually stimulating, and active tasks that are age-appropriate and fun!

Grow your own fruit and vegetables.

Have the children pick their favorites and collect seeds from a local nursery or garden center. To grow the plants, use a tiny patio planter, plastic cups, or milk jugs. Planting with kids is fun and educational!

Build an obstacle course.

To make a course for children to navigate through, use household objects such as furniture cushions, chairs, and pillows. Of course, you’ll need permission from the parents or housekeeper.

Camping in the backyard.

If you have access to a tent, create a magical night camping under the stars and having the children collect fireflies in a recycled jar.

Collect rocks to paint.

Children may decorate their gardens with rocks painted with their favorite animals or other characters. They can even be used to adorn the outside of their containers.

Watch movies outside at night.

All you need is a movie projector and a white sheet to show movies outside on cool, Summer evenings.

Make ice cream.

Ice cream is easier to make than you think, using just a few basic ingredients. Still not sure if your recipe will work? Then go ahead and purchase an ice cream making kit!

Have a pizza party.

Kids will enjoy making their own pizzas with their favorite toppings for playdates, birthday parties, and other occasions.

Make tie-dye shirts.

You’ll need a few white t-shirts, rubber bands, rubber gloves, and different dye colors. Don’t forget to have the kids wear gloves or you will be scrubbing dye off their little hands for the entire night! Check out this tie-dye kit.

Scavenger hunt.

Who doesn’t love a surprise discovery? Start by giving each child a list of things to look for. They might take photographs of objects like a flower, butterfly, or whatever they come across. If they don’t have access to a smartphone, rent them an inexpensive digital camera that they can use or buy a throw away camera with the old school, real film.

Create your own fun pool games.

If the family owns a home with a pool, encourage your kids to help you develop entertaining pool games. With safety in mind, you could always take the opportunity to turn swimming safety rules into a game

Day Trip Activities

If you have the time, plan day trips with the kids. Try to accommodate one or two activities a week for your youngsters to do something interesting and exciting away from home.

  • Visit a zoo or aquarium. If there’s a zoo or aquarium within driving distance, spend the day seeing all of the different creatures with your kids.
  • Amusement Park or Water Park. Most children enjoy spending an entire day at an amusement park or water park.
  • Go to an early afternoon matinee. Taking the youngsters to the cinema may be a good day out for them. Continue your journey with an old-fashioned diner for lunch and milkshakes afterward.
  • Play miniature golf. Miniature golf is fun for all ages.
  • Go for a bike ride on bike trails. Bike trails in city parks or other sites where you won’t have to worry about congested intersections or heavy vehicle traffic are common across the country.
  • Visit a playground. Many local parks have playgrounds where children can socialize with other youngsters. Pack a picnic lunch and some drinks to enjoy during your visit.
  • Visit the library. Local libraries usually plan all sorts of Summer activities for kids of all ages, from puppet shows to free movies.

As you can see, there are plenty of fun Summer activities for kids to enjoy. We hope our activities inspire you to come up with your own fun Summer nanny activities for the kids. Parents, if you are looking for a responsible nanny to engage the children reach out to us today for help finding the perfect match!