When you become pregnant you will need to start thinking about childcare options. Finding childcare that matches your family’s needs is important. A happy, healthy, and safe baby makes for happy parents. There is the option of sending your kids to a childcare center. However, if the hours don’t work for your job then you may need to find in home childcare. A nanny be the right choice for your family if you want chores and tasks complete in addition to childcare.
Now you need to decide if you will use a nanny agency to start the search. Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny is proud to announce that, due to our remarkable growth in the Boston area over the past 15 years, we are now offering our sought-after childcare services as a Connecticut nanny agency. With 7 years straight holding the title of Boston Parent’s family favorite, we are here for you!

Top Reasons To Work With A Nanny Agency:

  1. Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny allows you to have constant support and guidance throughout the process with our experienced nanny placement team.
  2. Nanny agencies save parents time as they offer families individual attention to find the best fit for their family’s needs. Our team has already weeded through candidates, only sharing profiles of the finest career nannies with impeccable references, experience, & character.
  3. Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny treats you as family and truly tries to understand your needs. We have caring, professional staff members to help find the right nanny to fit in your home.
  4. Agencies offer interview tips, suggested questions, and advice as you meet with nanny candidates.
  5. Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny provides a customizable work agreement that families can offer to their new nanny that details her job description, house rules, benefits, and more so that clear lines are drawn for both the family and nanny.
  6. Nanny agencies complete thorough background checks on the nanny candidates. Let the team at Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny do the hard work for you, so your family can have peace of mind. We complete resume reviews, phone screens, background checks, and online presence searches. Parents can be assured that they will welcome a trustworthy and responsible caregiver into their home.
  7. Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny offers on going training and professional development opportunities to help the nannies we place stay up to date with current trends in child development. When families choose to work with BBN&N they can pick an online class to gift their new nanny as part of the placement fee.
  8. A nanny agency can help guide parents when learning the ropes of what to offer for nanny salary and benefits. It helps set up great communication going forward and allows both family and nanny to be on the same page.
  9. We provide resources to families about taxes, domestic employment laws, overtime, & more as it is often new territory for families.
  10. Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny stands by your side throughout the search, during placement, and after. If a relationship does not work out within the first 60 days of a long-term contract, BBN&N will help families find a replacement nanny free of charge!
As a nanny agency in Connecticut, Massachusetts, & Rhode Island we are here to provide you the nanny of your dreams. Tell us what you are looking for and we will work with you to find him or her. Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny believes in an integrative childcare approach that provides mindful caregivers, leaving your family happy and well cared for. Apply online or give us a call today 781-444-4063!