Can my baby wear sunscreen? How should I dress my newborn in when it’s hot out? These are some of the questions routinely asked by new parents of spring and summer babies. And they’re important ones to consider as we head into summer, spend more time in the sun and things start to heat up. The short answer? Babies under six months old shouldn’t wear sunscreen. But here are a few things that’ll help keep baby comfortable and safe from the sun.

Baby Swim Clothes


Chances are you’ll want to bring your little one to the beach or pool this summer, and keeping them protected from the sun is a must. A wide-brimmed sun hat is always a good idea when you’re outside and many offer UV protection. We’d also recommend a rash guard, which you can find in many styles including one piece, short- and long-sleeve.

Beach Tent


An anti-UV baby sun tent is a great item to keep in your trunk to take to the beach or anywhere with limited shade. Most fold up and are compact, which makes them easily transported as you’re out and about this summer. Just be sure it’s got a breathable screen and an open-air side to ensure it doesn’t get too warm.

Muslin Swaddles


Versatile and perfect for laying down as a blanket, for baby sun protection or as a summer-friendly breastfeeding cover. They are light-weight and breathable so it’s a great idea to stash one in the diaper bag.

Cotton Clothes


Baby clothes are cute as can be—and sometimes irresistible—but many of them are just plain impractical. For summer babies, comfortable, breathable cotton is key. Soft short-sleeve onsies with pants or shorts, and even light cotton one-piece pajamas work well for hot summer days and sun protection.

Car Sun Shade


Pick up a car sun shade or two to put on your back windows. It will help keep the sun out of baby’s face while traveling to and from all of your fun activities this summer.

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