The nanny world has more acronyms than most industries. If you join any nanny social media group you will see things like MB, B7, and NCS all in one sentence. Parents and nannies may use the acronyms to shorten texts when communicating. Nannies usually use them in Facebook groups when commenting to share details without giving names or specifics of a family’s identity. Here you will find today’s urban dictionary of the nanny community.

Family Acronyms

  • MB- Mom Boss
  • DB- Dad Boss
  • NK- Nanny Kid
  • NF- Nanny Family
  • NP- Nanny Parents
  • B2- Boy, 2 years old
  • G5- Girl, 5 years old
  • LO- Little One
  • Charge- Child you are in charge of (often used in Europe)

Parent Descriptions

  • WAHM/ WAHD-Work at Home Mom/ Dad
  • SAHM/ SAHD- Stay at Home Mom/ Dad
  • FTM/FTD- First time Mom/ Dad
  • HP- High Profile; some families advertise they are HP and may ask their nanny to sign a NDA (Non-disclosure agreement)

Nanny Descriptions

  • NCS- Newborn Care Specialist; An individual with extensive training and experience working with newborns, both daytime and overnight (they are not a nurse)
  • NCE- Newborn Care Expert; another title for an NCS
  • Postpartum Doula– This caregiver is similar to an NCS or NCE, but has more focus on the mother’s health and wellness.
  • HM- House Manager; a professional that assists with chores, groceries, transporting children, scheduling, and more administrative tasks
  • PT/ FT- Part-time/ Full-time nanny position
  • Au Pair- A young individual from a foreign country living with a host family for 1-2 years, providing childcare and light housework, while required to take a minimum of college credits.
  • ECE- Early Childhood Education; nannies may share this information on their resume or so others know their background

Nanny Specific Acronyms

  • NNRW- National Nanny Recognition Week (September 24-30 2023)
  • INA- International Nanny Association; non-profit organization supporting the in-home childcare industry
  • NNR- Not nanny related; used to preface a post in nanny Facebook groups
  • NWOC- Nanny with own child; a nanny may state NWOC because she is looking for a job that allows her to bring her child to work with her
  • L/i or L/o- Live-in or Live-out nanny position
  • Career Nanny- An individual who has worked as a nanny for many years and has chosen this job for the entirety of their career. Parents often like this because they know the nanny isn’t just looking for a temporary job.

We hope these definitions in our Nanny Urban Dictionary help you as you navigate the nanny community. Give them a try on your nanny friends or in a Facebook group. If you are looking to connect with other nannies try Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny Town Meeting group. And parents if you are looking to connect with other parents in your area, try this group or the Peanuts app. When you are ready to begin your search for a nanny please reach out to our experienced nanny team that will assist you in finding a nanny who meets all your family’s unique needs.