Valentine’s day is a day to show how much you love someone. Yes, some say it has turned into a Hallmark holiday. However, you can make it more than that at your house. Plan activities to do with your children; spending time together is an expression of love. There are lots of crafts, baking, and Valentine’s sensory bin ideas out there. Check out the unique ones we have to share with you!

3 Festive Valentine’s Sensory Bin Ideas

Find the Alphabet Hearts

In a sensory bin, put white rice, heart shaped cookie cutters, jumbo tweezers, scoops, a funnel, heart shaped erasers, and pompoms: red, pink, and purple. On the erasers write, with a permanent marker, letters or numbers. On a piece of paper outside of the bin draw hearts in matching colors to the erasers with corresponding letters or numbers. Encourage your child to use the jumbo tweezers to take out the heart erasers while practicing fine motor. Can they find the matching letter or number on the piece of paper? Talk about sounds that each letter makes and what words start with that letter.

valentine's day sensory bin ideasCupcake Valentine’s Sensory Bin

Fill a bin with mini marshmallows and dyed pasta: red and purple. Add cupcake liners, spoons, and pipe cleaners, as well as a muffin tin on the side. You can demonstrate to thread the penne pasta onto the pipe cleaners. Continue to work on hand-eye coordination by scooping and dumping the sensory bin contents into muffins liners and the tin. Together, can you sort the pasta and marshmallows by color? Ask thought provoking questions as you play such as, “Which muffin has more red noodles?”

flower sensory bin ideasFloating Rose Petals

Flowers are a sweet gesture on Valentine’s Day, but their beauty only last so long. Why not get a second use out of them? Before they brown, peel petals off a few different colored flowers and place them on a cookie sheet with a lip. Add just enough water for them to float; I also placed a bath towel under so that spills were no big deal. Give your child a paint brush, small bowl, and spoon. They will most likely begin by painting the petals with waters. You can extend their play by asking open ended questions such as, “Why are the flower petals on top of the water?”

Try our other Valentine’s activities, such as a love bug card, heart crayons, and this Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt. Parents, you can plan one to experience with your little love bug and share one with your nanny to prepare as well! Have fun and share the love.

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