With so much information at our fingertips, it can be challenging as parents not to rely on “Dr. Google” for answers to questions we have about our children’s milestones or to check on what certain symptoms may indicate. But the problem this poses is that along with the massive amounts of solid, helpful information comes almost as much misinformation. When it comes to things like infant sleep safety or sickness, it’s always best to call your healthcare provider before performing those searches, no matter how small the issue may seem.

Of the study published in earlier this week in the Journal of Pediatrics Dr. Rachael Moon, pediatrician and SIDS researcher at Children’s National Medical Center, Washington, D.C. said “It is important for health care providers to realize the extent to which parents may turn to the Internet for information about infant sleep safety and then act on that advice, regardless of the reliability of the source.”

I agree. We get many calls with questions regarding sleep safety but after reading the results of this study that “72 percent of adults say they trust most or all of the health information they find on the Internet” I truly encourage you (and your friends!) to contact us or your baby’s pediatrician whenever you have these types of questions. Any family who works with Boston Baby Nurse has complimentary access to our team of nurses and sleep specialists via phone during business hours and email 24/7.