Postpartum Doulas support expecting mothers both before and after the birth of your newborn. You’ve hoped, dreamed, and planned for the little one you’re carrying, and now they’re almost here! The birth of your child will be a joyous and exciting moment in your life, but you might end up surprised at just how tired and overwhelmed you feel after their arrival. Whether this is your first time as a new mom and you’re unsure of all the things you’ll need to learn and know, or this is an addition to your growing family and you’re not sure how to transition your family for their arrival, help might be just what you need!

Wanting help during this transitional period in your life is completely normal, and can help you recover faster and feel more confident in your new motherhood! If you’re looking for support and guidance through this new time, a postpartum doula might be just what you need!

What is a Postpartum Doula?

You’ve likely heard all about birth doulas, who provide the necessary support and advocacy throughout your labor and delivery. Similarly, a postpartum doula will provide a similar holistic support in the time following the birth of your newborn!

Their focus is to help you recover while providing you with the guidance you need to navigate your new motherhood. A postpartum doula will focus on helping you and your family settle into your new roles, while you continue to take care of your newborn.

Postpartum doulas will have completed extensive training and certification processes before becoming a professional, and will likely have additional certifications in things like CPR, breastfeeding consultation, and other areas that will help set you up for success during this time. Make sure you do your research when searching for a postpartum doula, and have a list of interview questions ready to make sure they’re able to match your needs as a mother and a family.

What Will a Postpartum Doula Help With?

A postpartum doula will help with a great number of things in your household, but her services will vary from mother to mother depending on your individual needs. At the minimum, they will support you in feeding your little one, educating you on all your options, and assisting with breastfeeding if that’s the route you choose. They may also offer small tips to make acclimating your newborn easier!

You also may find that you need help with the physical recovery after childbirth, and while a postpartum doula does not provide true medical support, they can help ease symptoms and take some of the workload off you so you’re able to rest and recover. Additionally, they are well trained in the signs of postpartum depression and anxiety, and will be quick to spot warning signs and help as your emotions settle back in with your normal hormone levels. If you need additional medical support, your doula will be able to help find the care you need.

They can also offer support in other areas, including:

  • Some housework
  • Meal prep
  • Helping siblings and other parents adjust to the arrival
  • Providing guidance and support in all things motherhood

Why Should You Hire a Postpartum Doula?

Now that you understand the role that a postpartum doula can play in your household, you can likely already imagine all the benefits that come with having one on hand. The benefits of a postpartum doula can be endless, but some of the most concrete ones include:

  • Easing isolation: After childbirth, new mothers can feel very isolated and alone. With a postpartum doula, you’ll always have someone in your corner, and she can likely refer you to local communities to help you feel less alone after she’s done!
  • Easier breastfeeding: Breastfeeding is not always an easy or simple process, for mom or her baby. Many postpartum doulas have training in lactation consultation, so they’ll be able to offer you much needed guidance as you learn how best to get your newborn to latch on and feed.
  • Better mental health: While having a postpartum doula on hand will not guarantee you won’t experience postpartum depression, it will help ease the triggers of postpartum depression and will make the signs much easier to spot! Just having an additional set of hands and a shoulder to lean on will make your overall anxieties and negative feelings lessen.
  • Hiring a postpartum doula can actually make you feel much more confident as a new mom! With their guidance, you’ll learn that your initial instincts are correct, and how you can improve even further in your mothering tactics.

While it’s easy to dismiss hiring help as a luxury expense you don’t need, it’s hard to ignore those benefits. Needing or wanting help is completely normal as a new mother (whether it’s your first or your fifth!), and hiring a postpartum doula might be just the boost you need to make sure your entire family is comfortable during this time.

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