Do your kids want to build a snowman, but the snow is too dry? Or worse is there not even snow on the ground yet? We can help with that! Try this Winter game with your little ones. You can even have your kids help decorate the snowman toss.

What You’ll Need

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

  1. Do you have a big, tall box left over from holiday deliveries? That will work perfectly for this Winter game project. Cover one side of it with the roll of white paper. If you need cardboard, you can easily purchase a tri-fold board at Walmart or Staples.
  2. Now, with a pencil draw three circles to make a snowman. Leave room for a hat at the top and arms on the side. On a safe surface, an adult should cut a circle inside of each snowman section (refer to picture above). The top circle is much smaller to look like the mouth.
  3. If you have older kids, ask if they want to help paint the outline of the snowman, his face, arms, hat, scarf, and maybe some snowflakes. Getting them involved will make the snowman toss, Winter game more fun!
  4. While the paint drys, collect blue plastic balls or make your own white yarn pom poms for snowballs. The video link is very easy to follow and all you need is yarn, your hand, and a pair of scissors. It’s a fun project for kids to help with as well.

Let The Winter Game Begin!

Now that your snowman is complete you can play your Winter game! Put a few lines on the floor with painters tape to see if the kids can score at different distances. Toddlers will probably want to go right up to it and that is okay. Throwing works on larger muscles, while grasping the ball strengthens smaller muscles. Children will also practice eye hand coordination. You can even include counting each time their ball gets into one of the holes. If you have multiple different color ball pit balls, ask your toddler to find a red ball and work on identifying each color.

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