It’s undeniable that working from home with a baby is challenging. Parents who try to balance remote work with a new baby can oftentimes find themselves overwhelmed. You may feel like you’re suddenly left with the challenge of doing several full-time jobs all at once, between calming a fussy baby, focusing on your career, and taking care of your family. Let’s be honest – it can be difficult, but with a little planning and persistence you’ll learn to find balance in your life.

4 Parenting Tips: Working From Home With A Baby

Create a Routine

Create a flexible plan for your day, as well as make a solid morning routine. Plans can change often, especially when you have a young child. Creating a simple outline of what you want to accomplish each day can help you remain organized and stay focused.

Having a morning routine for you, your spouse, and your baby can set your day up for success. Knowing exactly what you need to do once you wake up can help ease stress. Just remember to be flexible as babies are generally unpredictable. Try to do some nighttime prep like preparing bottles, getting your clothes laid out, and showering. Getting these tasks done ahead of time can make your mornings run more smoothly.

Share the Load

If your partner is also working from home, try dividing up the day evenly. You both can have an equal amount of time to work and care for your baby. There may be times where the baby prefers one parent over the other for meal and nap time. Resist the temptation of taking over and allow time for your baby to become accustomed to the change.

Having multiple caregivers can take a load off your shoulders while you’re working from home with a baby and trying to balance parenthood with your professional life. Creating a schedule where you can trade off childcare with your partner and other family members who are available is a great way to get some uninterrupted work time in. Even just having two hours carved out between shifts can have a huge impact on your productivity and decrease stress. Communicating through a family group chat or using family organizer apps is key for managing everyone’s schedule.

Consider Childcare

Remotely working is attractive because it allows you to blend being a stay-at-home parent with your career. However, merging the two and working from home with a baby isn’t always as seamless as you may think. Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you can’t hire a nanny to help throughout the week. Having nanny help – even if it’s only for a few hours – can help alleviate distractions while you work.

Arranging to have a nanny come to your home while you’re working remotely gives you the opportunity to connect with them and develop a close working relationship. When you work from home, you have close interaction with your nanny and are nearby if needed. If you’re wary of childcare, having a nanny at home gives you the opportunity to observe the care that your child is receiving. This may help you become more comfortable with someone watching your child when you aren’t around in the future. Employing a nanny can be a huge relief and a perfect solution to your busy lifestyle.

Organize Your Finances

Working from home and having a baby can be stressful. You’re focused on many things all at once, between making sure you’re performing well at work while also ensuring all of your baby’s needs are met. A great way to alleviate some stress is by making sure that your finances are as healthy as possible.

Take time to sit down and evaluate where your money is going each month. Shop around to see if you can get better deals on your utility bill and car insurance, as well as look into the cost to refinance your mortgage. Refinancing has the potential to put more money in your pockets each month. Having extra money throughout the month can help you with the must haves, like paying for nanny services or creating a quiet home office.

Learning how to balance working from home with a baby will have its challenges, but will be worth it in the long run. Not only will it strengthen your family’s bond by finding ways to work together, but will also help you be a more adaptable, strong employee.

About The Author

Kelsey Dickson has over 15 years of experience working with children as a nanny, preschool teacher, and now a mother. She has her degree in Early Childhood Education and works for Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny as the eLearning Manager. Check out our online childcare classes, such as Baby Sign Language and Sleep Coaching 101! In her free time she enjoys gardening with her son, going for walks with her husband and dog, and discovering local wineries in New England.