Men can be hard to get gifts for. We’re here to help solve that problem! Try one of these Father’s Day crafts below with your children. Dad is sure to smile from ear to ear when he opens it on Father’s Day. Make sure to get your materials set up ahead of time so that you’re ready when the kids want to dive right in.

Daddy’s Grilling Plate

Purchase a white platter and PEBEO porcelain 150 china paint set. Pour a little bit of each color that you want on a disposable, paper plate. If your child is little they can sit in their highchair while you help paint their hand and/or foot. Have a wipe ready and then you can offer washable, finger paint for your child to work on a Father’s Day card while you put finishing touches on the platter.

Using the porcelain paint, stamp on three orange and yellow handprints in the center of the platter, towards the top, to represent fire on the grill. Then put a brownish-red footprint on the side to represent a hotdog. Now you or older children can paint on the grill below the hands and hotdog buns on either side of the foot. If you make a small mistake have a damp paper towel nearby to wipe it off and try again. Remember though, handmade Father’s Day crafts aren’t meant to be perfect; they’re made with love.

Let it dry and then put it in your oven which should NOT be preheated. After the platter is in, turn the oven on to 300 for 35 mins. Then turn the oven off and leave the platter in until it’s completely cooled. Now the paint is cured and is dishwasher and microwave safe!

Note: PEBEO paint has been tested by Duke University and confirmed nontoxic. Knives should not be used on the cured paint because it can cause a crack in the paint and bacteria could get stuck in it, however a paint chip itself is not harmful. A platter is a safe choice as long as you use a plastic spatula or rubber tip tongs to serve.

Nuts About You Frame

Nuts about you frame for dadPick up an unfinished wooden frame at your local craft store and clear, non-foaming gorilla glue. If you don’t have a box at home, grab some hex nuts at the hardware store. Ask your children what color they think Dad would like it and let them paint a background. Use a contrasting color to write, “We’re NUTS About You!” Once the glue is dry have kids glue hex nuts all over the frame. The glue won’t damage skin like super glue, but it is a strong glue so if you are worried about your child getting it everywhere you could squeeze it on and they could place the nuts down or you could give them disposable, rubber gloves to wear. Once the frame is dry insert a favorite picture of the kids with Dad.

These Father’s Day crafts are sure to be a hit come Sunday June 20th. If you are looking for more homemade craft ideas you could try one of these! And don’t forget Grandpa, as I am sure he would be so thankful for a homemade gift as well.